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Amber Palace Games is a board game development and publishing company headquartered in Detroit, MI.

Our mission is to bring create fun games with unique mechanics and attractive art and bring them onto your coffee table. 


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Scream or Die is a 2-8 player family friendly dice game that's a perfect way to start ANY board game night.  It's a 20 minute game that's easy to learn, fun to play and has just enough strategy to keep you and your friends coming back for more! 

 In Scream or Die, you'll take on the roles of Vlad and Mina the Vampires, Cleo and Seth the Mummies, Harry and Harriet the Werewolves, and Grace and Griff the Invisible People as they compete for Candy on Halloween night.   All of the characters are super cute and adorable, and the game is guaranteed to leave you with lots of memories of gotcha moments, lucky rolls and come from behind wins.  

Don't hesitate!  Buy it now while supplies last!

Scream or Die