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Amber Palace Games is a board game development and publishing company headquartered in Detroit, MI.

Our mission is to bring create fun games with unique mechanics and attractive art and bring them onto your coffee table. 


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Heir to the Throne (HT3) is a 2-4 player card game of treachery, sabotage and...family building!   In HT3, you control a Noble House and compete for the throne of King Graham, wizened ruler of Wysteria.  There are two ways to ascend the throne:  Be the first Noble House with a legitimate Great Grandson to receive King Graham's blessing, or get six members of a single guild in your family to overthrow the Monarchy.

You begin with a Lord and Lady and build a sprawling family tree, carefully arranging marriages with other houses, or marrying from within your own.  Your characters can then give birth, expanding your lineage and invigorating your line.  But beware.

Every member of your House has traits, and these traits can be used for good or for ill.  Rival houses will attack you through these traits, making members of your House Illegitimate...or even Infertile.  But traits are double-edged swords, and with a stroke of luck, you can restore Legitimacy to your house and find creative solutions to Infertility.  Of course, you can get in on the action too, stealing your rival's most beloved characters, sending them off to the convent or marking them with the black sheep of illegitimacy.

So what are you watiing for?  Put on your royal robes and strive for King Graham's golden crown in Heir to the Throne today!

Heir to the Throne

  • The game comes with:

    • 78 Court Drama cards 
    • 12 of each status effect token
    • 60 Character Cards
    • 4 Noble House Cards
  • Our Product comes with a 30 day return guarentee on all un-opened products. Please contact support for any issues regarding your recent purchase of any Amber Palace Games products.