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Amber Palace Games is a board game development and publishing company headquartered in Detroit, MI.

Our mission is to bring create fun games with unique mechanics and attractive art and bring them onto your coffee table. 


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© 2017 BY AMBER PALACE GAMES. Website created by Jerry Moore. Art by Adam Krause



Anthony has always made games. It didn't matter if it was designing something for his sisters to play, working on a mod or altering house rules for old favorites, he has always loved creation.

He also loves to share which is why he regularly organizes board game extravaganzas at his house and constantly GMs for different groups of gamers.

Anthony is our Lead Designer. He dreams up odd combinations of rules and mechanics that just seem to work, even if he’s not 100% sure how. He’s also the President pushing everyone to be their very best.



A life-long gamer, the transition to game maker was natural for Dan. In his early life, he played Dungeons and Dragons for weekends at a time with the neighborhood kids. This segued neatly into running a weekly Role-Playing Group at his local library. From there, he and Anthony hosted and managed large board game parties twice a year. And now, they design and produce games themselves.

Dan is at his best when he is merging the collective talents of the rest of the team. He balances the wants and desires of creative with the real world input and needs of play testers. As lead producer, Dan also finds the best ways to make Amber Palace’s ideas reality.

Amber Palace Games was built with one mission in mind:  To make games that we like to play and spread them all over the world.  We build all our games with a sardonic sense of style and tongue-in-cheek humor, but our focus is on game play.  We believe all games should start fast, have a back and forth middle and end with a bang.  We want you and your friends to laugh, compete and get engaged with our games, and hope that they occupy not only a space on your shelf, but a warm place in your memories.



As a child, Dennis knew no greater joy in life than making his characters strong. Add a buckler, +5 hp. Add a Staff, +5 mp. Every advantage he could find, he would take, and he knew no greater joy.

His role in Amber Palace is one of balance. He’s a developer, but Dennis seeks to break our games, rebuilding them into stronger, fairer, better brands. He takes our crazy ideas and, using a combination of statistics, intuition and excel spreadsheets, makes them work.

He’s also a lifelong Japanophile and spent many years in that country learning their culture and language, so if you a see a touch of the East in an Amber Palace game, know that is Dennis’ influence.



While the rest of the team largely deals with designing and refining game mechanics, Adam is the guy that makes everything look pretty... he puts the icing on the cake, if you will. He also helps out with game testing, rules, and has a few game ideas up his sleeve too.

Adam is a self-taught artist and graphic designer who enjoys working in both traditional and digital media, often mixing them together. When he isn't working on the artwork of Amber Palace, Adam enjoys brainstorming new worlds and writing and sketching new creations. He’s an avid comic fan and loves fleshing out his own ideas and concepts. Adam also enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, trying new games, and learning new ways to be creative.


Jerry was has a history of getting stuff done in an unorthodox manner, and that’s partially why we love him so much. If there is an alternative path or approach to be found, he will probably find it and definitely take it. He also brings a wealth of QA knowledge and UX Experience.

Jerry’s relationship with gaming runs deep in his veins. He is a firm believer that gaming, while fun, helps children and adults learn to use logic and think creatively in nearly every situation.

One of Jerry's fondest memories of gaming was playing Crystalis on the NES before he was in grade school and learning how to spell the names of the towns he could teleport to... what a nerd <3 We love this guy.